Does Kajabi integrate with Drip?

If you would like to integrate your Drip account in Kajabi, you can do so by following a few simple steps, as shown below.


Enable the Drip Integration

  • To access the Drip integration, click the Integrations tab from your Admin Dashboard

  • Next, click the switch to on for the Drip integration.

Configure the Drip Integration

The first step to configuring the integration is to add you API and Account ID.

Next, add both entries to the integration settings.

Now save your settings.

Connect the integration to an opt-in form

Once your configuration is complete, the last step is to associate the Drip integration to an opt-in form. This will send new opt-in to your list in Drip. The same will apply if the form is used anywhere within your site or if it's embed. 

  • Next, go to your opt-in forms in the marketing tab. 

  • Now scroll down to the 3rd Party Integrations section, then select Drip from the drop-down menu.

Note: You can also add tags. This gives you the ability to send your opt-ins to a specific list within Drip.

Tip: Click "Task History" to check if the integration is working and troubleshooting tips.  

  • Finally, save your settings.
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