How do I customize Product Access?

Product access settings allow you to control when and how long a new member will access a product. These settings are great if you want to resell a course or if you want to provide limited time access to an offer. 

Learn how to customize Product Access below. 

  • To reach the Product Access settings for a product, search for the offer from your Kajabi Assistant:


  • Next, you will be taken to the offer dashboard, click the Edit Details button:

  • The Product Access settings will be located on the right panel.
  • Open each item's settings by clicking the checkbox:


Begin access at a specific date

Adding an access start date will allow you to pre-sell a course and have everyone gain access to the content at the same time. 

  • First, enable the setting by checking the box
  • Then add a start date, you can click the box to open the calendar or type in the date. 

Note: Pay close attention to the help text. As this will provide the details or exactly when your members will be given access. 

Restrict access to a specific amount of days

This setting will restrict your new member's access to a specific number of days. 

  • First, check the box for the setting, then add the number of days to the box:

  • Once you've added your settings, click the Save button in the top right corner. 






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