How do I add anchors to my site? Can I make links that jump to a section?

An Anchor link allows you to skip to a specific location on a web page. This can be very useful if you want to anchor a CTA button to a video at the bottom of a page or to send your site visitor directly to an optin section. Follow this guide to learn how to create an anchor. 

Let's start by creating a new landing page.

  • Click the Landing Pages tab from your Admin Dashboard


  • Create a new landing page, or edit an existing page. 

In the next step, we will add an anchor to a section within the page. 

  • To add the anchor, we will need to apply the following tag to some of the text in that section. If you are adding an anchor to a body text, you will need to click the <> button to add the anchor to the source code.
  • For this example we will add the anchor to a heading section. 
<div id='anchor'> Your Anchored Text Here </div>

Note: You can use any value as the id for the anchor. Also, try using quotes ("anchor") around your anchor tag if the apostrophes ('anchor') aren't linking to your anchor.

  • Now let's add the anchor to a section

Once the anchor has been added to a section, the next step is to add the Anchor URL to the CTA button. 

Next, we will need the URL for the landing page.

  • Go back to the landing pages tab, then click edit details in the landing page options on the right.

  • Click "Copy" for the landing page URL

  • Now paste the URL in the CTA button settings

  • The last step is to add the anchor id (#anchor) to the end of the landing page URL. 

Anchor URL:

If everything was done correctly, you will be able to click the call to action button to skip down to the anchored section. 

  • Click here to view the live demo of this example


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