Getting Started With Kajabi

We know things can be a bit overwhelming when you’re first jumping in, and even the training materials may seem like a lot to go through. Before you do anything, we'd like to recommend watching these super short videos on how to get started. They’re numbered 1-5 and are the quickest way to get your bearings:
1: 5-minute Getting Started Video
2: Creating Your First Landing Page
3: Creating Your First Product or Course
4: Selling Your First Product or Course
5: Setting Up Your First Site

After that, we'd like to recommend our Kajabi University that's located right in your dashboard. Here is our help guide on how to access that: How Can I access Kajabi University?

In addition, we have a great, searchable Help Center. We also have a weekly onboarding webinar you can check out for a more in-depth overview. 

Here's the easiest steps to take to get started with your new Kajabi account:
* Create a product and the product contains the post(content) and attach the posts to categories (this is what a member is buying from you, the product).
* Once you have your first product built, you'll then build and offer for it. Remember you can attach one or multiple products to an offer. Once the offer(s) is built, you'll then build sales page.
* Attach the offer to the sales page. (You can attach one or multiple offers to a sales page!)
* Once the sales page is published, it's automatically added to your site and people can click learn more and will see the offer(s) attached.
* Once someone purchases the offer, they will have access to the product in their library.
Thanks for being the best part of Kajabi, let us know if you need anything else.

Finally, we have a wonderful Glossary of Terms to familiarize yourself with the terms we use: Glossary of Terms.

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