What is a Virtual Summit? How do I host a Virtual Summit in my site?

A virtual summit is a great way to create an amazing experience, jam-packed with value, for your audience. Virtual summits are basically a digital conference. A virtual summit generally takes place over a series of multiple days and covers a broad scope of topics within your niche. The idea of a summit is to teach about various topics in a structured fashion. Summits often have many different speakers, but you can also run a summit on your own. It is generally best practice to have an outline that you provide to your attendees.

Follow this guide to learn how to create a Virtual Summit.

  • First, search "Create Pipeline" from your Kajabi Assistant:


  • Now select the "Virtual Summit" pipeline:

  • Next, click "Generate Virtual Summit Pipeline", complete the form, then click Save:


Once you click save, Kajabi will automatically generate the registration page, email sequence, and event pages for the summit. 

After the pipeline is created, your next step is to customize the registration page. This is the most important page since it will serve as your member's introduction to the virtual summit and how they will signup. 

  • To customize the registration page, first, click on the "Registration Page" in the sequence, then click the Customize button: 

  • By default, there will be event pages for 3 days. Click the "add page" button to add another day to the Summit:

  • To customize a page, first select the page, then click the "Customize" button in the page preview window on the right. 

  • This Pipeline will also generate automated event reminders with an email sequence. To customize the emails, click the email sequence block, then click the "Edit" button for the emails:





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