How do I set up a Live Event in Kajabi?

If you’re planning on hosting a live event, either in person or online, then this Pipeline is for you. We’ve stripped away the complexities of what goes into a live event registration and made it accessible so you can focus on your content and get as many attendees as possible.

The Live Event Pipeline works like this: the first step is a registration page promoting your live event that then goes to the second step, your Offer. Your prospects have all the information they need, and with just a few clicks they’ll be registered for your event.

Keep reading to see how to set one up!

  • From the Kajabi Assistant type and choose "Create Pipeline":



  • This will take you to the Pipeline Templates screen. Choose the Live Event template: 



  • Next, click Generate Live Event Pipeline and kick your feet up while your Live Event pipeline is created:


There you have it! An entire Live Event pipeline generated with a click of a button. From here you can customize the registration page and offer attached to it.

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