How do I integrate ClickFunnels with Kajabi?

If you'd like to integrate ClickFunnels into your new Kajabi website, you can do so in a few simple steps, as shown below:

  • First, you’ll need to open your ClickFunnels dashboard and click on Add New Funnel.


  • You’ll be prompted to choose your funnel type. For this example, we’ll be using Sell Your Product.

  • Within your dashboard, you can setup the pages in your funnel by selecting the templates you’d like to use. 
  • Now, lets setup our Kajabi integration by going to our Integrations tab in the Account dropdown menu. 


  • From within this dashboard, go to Add New Integration.



  • You’ll notice that your API Key is required in order to create the integration. Let's open our Kajabi dashboard and go to our Integrations tab. 

  • Scroll down in your Integrations tab until you see ClickFunnels. Copy the API Key listed in the box. 


  • Now jump back to your ClickFunnels dashboard, and paste your API Key in the appropriate box. Click Create Integration.


  • After adding the Kajabi integration, open up your newly made funnel, and locate the Products tab. 


  • We can have our Kajabi products appear in our funnel by adding them in our dashboard. Click Add Product.


  • After entering in your product information in the Settings menu, locate the Membership tab. image_720.png

  • Upon opening our newly made funnel, you can see the option to select Kajabi Products as the action for your page’s buttons. Now you’re all set!


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