What is a Post?

A Post can be thought of as a Lesson. It's a piece of content (whether video, assessment, audio, text or a combination) within a Category of a Product. You can have multiple Posts within a Category. Learn more about Products here.

A post can have the following elements:

  • Video
  • Downloads
  • Audio File
  • Text Box
  • Assessment

Note: A post can have any combination of the elements above. 

How to add a video:




  • You can create an assessment for a product post. This will allow you to quiz your members after they complete a lesson. 

  • To add an assessment, select assessment from the media section of the post:


  • You can upload downloads and attachments to the "Downloads" section. This can include a pdf or worksheets for the lesson:

Audio Player

  • Uploading a mp3 will display an audio player on the page. 

Text Area

  • You can also add text to a post:

  • Click the <> button to add embeddable content:


Big Picture

  • Within a Product, you can create Posts and organize them using Categories:


  • Now, while each of these posts have their own page, if they are within the same category, they will all appear within each of their video players. When you click on the next video, the page will update according to what the next Post contains:






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