What is a Static Page? How do I create or edit a static page?

What is a landing page?

A Static Page is a page that does not belong to any particular product but is useful to have on your site.

  • Static pages should not be treated or designed to function like a Landing Page, they should be used for pages such as Terms & Conditions or About Us, as they are less customizable and build specifically for this purpose. 
  • They will be visible at all times, as you do not need a Member ID to access these pages.



How do I create a static page? 

  • From your Kajabi Assistant, type and choose Static Pages:


  • Then click on +New Page (top right corner):


How do I edit a static page?

  • From your Kajabi Assistant, type and choose Static Pages:

  • Then, click on Kajabi.pngby your static page:


  • Finally, make your changes and click Save.
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