How do I enable embedded live streams from YouTube?

If you get the below message when trying to embed your Youtube live feed into Kajabi, you need to enable the Embed Live Streams setting in YouTube.

In order for you to embed your live feed, YouTube requires Monetization to be enabled and a linked AdSense account. Follow this guide to setup your Adsense account and Enable embeds for Youtube. 


  • First, sign into your YouTube account, then visit
  • You will need to make sure monetization, live streaming, and embed live streams are all enabled.

Embed Live Streams

You must have an active AdSense account linked to your Youtube account before you can embed live streams. 

What is AdSense?

AdSense enables you to earn money by placing targeted text and image ads with your videos.

Google automatically chooses which ads to show based on your video content, and you earn money when visitors view or click on these ads.

 Note: Don't have an Adsense account? Learn how to set up one here.

  • Once you've created your Adsense account, return to and click the link in the Embed Live Streams feature:

  • This will take you to the next screen which will associate your Youtube channel to Adsense.
  • Click "Accept Association"



  • Click the start button to begin Monetization setup:

  • Select your Monetization settings, then click Save.

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