How do I update a theme?

Occasionally, Kajabi will update a theme for bug fixes and added features. These changes are not automatically added to your current theme. So, you will have to manually update your theme.

  • To update your theme, from your dashboard select Website, Landing Page or Product (if Product, after selecting that, click on "Appearance").
  • For Product, select the edit pencil next to the product containing the theme you need to update. Once in, on the top select "Customize" and once in customize, on the top right select "Pick a Theme"
  • For Website, on the top right select Pick a Theme
  • For Landing Pages on the top right select +New Landing Page
  • Next, click Theme Details for the same theme that you are updating, then click Install Theme.

  • Once your new theme is installed, it will show in the list below:


Note: Themes do not get deleted and the old versions will stay in the menu even if they aren't active. (This is especially nice if you break something and want to revert to the previous theme.)

This next step will show you how to transfer the theme settings from the old theme to the new version.

  • To do so, click the Edit Code button on the old theme.


  • Next, select the settings_data.json file in the config folder

  • Select and copy the entire file.


  • Now that you have the settings copied, you will paste it into the same line in the new theme.
  • On the new theme that you want to use, select Edit Code
  • Select the settings_data.json file in the Config folder. 


  • Now replace all of this text with the code you copied.
  • Hit the enter key to make the Save button light up in blue, then make sure you save before exiting.

Preview your new theme to make sure data transferred properly.

Note: Content will be transferred to the new theme, but some images will need to be re-uploaded into the newly updated theme.

Everything transfers over when using the Premier theme, but for any other theme, The following assets will need to be re-uploaded:

  • Marquee Image
  • Footer Logo
  • Testimonial Images
  • Login Page Logo
  • Instructor Image


Once your theme is ready to go, you can activate the new theme.

Your previous theme(s) will be saved as an unpublished theme(s.) 

Why don't themes update automatically?

Themes are designed to be customizable by you to suit your needs and reflect your brand. If we ran automatic updates on themes, you would lose all of your customizations.

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