Can I use a custom Thank You page for an Opt-in Form?

Follow this guide to learn how to redirect your optins to a custom Thank You page. This is great if you want to use a custom landing page to thank your site visitor for subscribing.

Before completing this guide, please be sure that you already have an optin landing page created. We will configure the optin form that is connected to that optin page.

Now let's get started with creating the Thank You page.

  • Search "Create landing page" in your Kajabi Assistant


Once the page is created, we will need to add it as the Thank You page for the opt-in landing page.

  • Click the Landing Page tab, then Select the optin landing page
  • Next, locate the optin form in the theme settings, then click "edit your forms"

  • Now click Edit for the optin form that's connected to the optin page.

Note: Be sure to edit the same form that is connected to the opt-in page.

  • Finally, select the Thank You landing page from the drop-down menu. The site visitor will be redirected to this Thank You page after completing the optin form. 



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