What is a sales page? Why aren't my products showing in the store?

Sales pages showcase and describe the features of a product that you're offering. Each website theme will display a sales page in the site store. Follow this guide to learn how sales pages work.

First, let's start by creating a sales page

  • From the Kajabi Assistant, type Sales Pages then click on Sales Pages:



  • Next, click the +New Sales Page (top right corner) to create a new sales page:


  • Give your sales page a title, then add some body text. 

Note: The title and body text will be displayed in the site store and on the sales page itself.

  • Next, upload your sales page video and poster image
  • (Optional): Tags are used to keep your sales pages organized in your site store. Learn about tags here.

  • Visibility to control whether this sales page will be viewable in your online store.

  • You can also redirect a sales page to a landing page. This is great for closing a cart. Learn more here.

  • Once you finished making the changes click Save.
  • You will be brought to the Offers tab. Here is where you can add pricing offers for your customers to choose from. Click the Add button to add the offer. The offer will be displayed on the right column of the sales page.


  • When you're done, the sales page will be displayed in your site store.




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