Can I add a forum to Kajabi? Does Kajabi work with Muut?

You can cultivate your community within Kajabi using Muut, the fastest and simplest forum software out there. Embed this forum widget into your Kajabi site and allow your members to comment, message, and create conversational threads. This easy to use the platform is customizable and is responsive with your Kajabi site. 

  • Grab your Muut widget embed code from the Forum Settings at the top right
  • Next, select Place on your site from the menu on the left:


  • Copy the embed code on the right:


  • Add embed code to your Kajabi site

Now that we have the embed code, it's time to add it to your Kajabi site. 

There're many different locations that you can add the forum. Just look for the source code button <>, then paste the embed code in the box for the forum to be displayed. The most common locations would be inside of a product post, on a static page, or even on the member's library page.

For this example, we will be adding the forum to a static page. 

  • Click static pages in the website ta in Kajabi, then click new page at the top right:

  • Now click the <> button for the content section, and paste the code. Click Ok when you're done, then save


  • If the content box is only displaying your forum title, you're on the right track! 

  • Click Preview and you will see the forum displayed on the page.
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