Sales Pages are pages where you can showcase your products and have the ability to offer multiple payment options. 

Sales Pages feature a video, course details & Offers.


Your Store page will show sales pages by default, but you can also feature sales pages on the Premier Landing Page. 


To create a Sales Page:

  • Select the Sales tab in your admin dashboard.


  • Select Sales Pages in the Sales dashboard.


  • In the top right corner, click +New Sales Page.



Each Sales Page can be set to published or draft, allowing you to choose when pages are visible in the Store.

Prices, subscriptions and payment plans are setup within the Offer details

You can choose from the following payment options:

  • Free
    • Grant access to your products at no cost, or credit card requirement, to your members.
  • One-time Payment
    • Charge a single charge for access to your products. 
  • Multiple Payments
    • Choose an amount that will charge members monthly for 2-12 months.
  • Recurring Subscription
    • Setup a membership site by choosing an amount to be billed at an interval of weeks, months or years. 



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