How do I automatically revoke access to an Offer?

Would you like to automatically Revoke Access to a Product? This article will show you how to revoke an Offer after a specified amount of time. This handy feature allows you to automatically revoke or grant access to a Product after a specified amount of time. Use this feature to create paid trials or host intermittent courses on your site.

Tip: This process only applies to users who were originally granted the Offers via Zapier using webhooks.

Let's get started!

  • Create a new Zap 
  • Go to then log in, next click the MAKE A ZAP button at the top right. 

Configure the Trigger Step

  • The trigger initiates the action step in Zapier. Select the Kajabi app, then choose New Purchase as the trigger.

  • Next, select the Offer, then follow the wizard through the rest of the trigger step.

Configure the Action Step

Now it's time for the Action Step.

  • Select the Kajabi app, then choose Grant Access to an offer. Next, choose the same Offer from the trigger step.

  • Use the following settings:

  • You should see Test Successful before moving to the next step

Configure the Delay

Next, we will be specifying the amount of time before the Offer is revoked. 

  • Click the + button to add a new action

  • Select Delay under the Built-in Apps section

  • You can delay until a specific date or you can select a specific amount of days

  • Choose a timeframe for the delay, then continue to the next step. 

Note: Dates cannot be more than a month in the future, you will need to create additional action steps to add more than 30 days.

Configure the Revoke

And now for our grand finale, we will configure the revoke. 

  • Click the + to add another action step

  • Choose the Kajabi app, then select Revoke access to an Offer

  • Select the same offer that was granted, then choose Member Email for the External User ID

If you see Test Successful you're good to go!

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