What is a Product?

A product is the delivery method of your digital content.

Products can be a multitude of different things from digital courses to e-books. 

You can create a product by selecting Products in the admin dashboard.


From here, click +New Product in the top right. 


They are broken up into two different parts, categories and posts.

  • Categories
    • You can think of categories as modules, giving your products a structured breakdown of the content. 
    • Categories can be set to drip at a specific time interval to your members.

To create a new category, click the plus button next to the product outline:

  • Posts
    • Posts can be seen as lessons that further break down the categories.
    • Copy videos, audio files and digital downloads live in your Posts. 

To create a new post, click the plus button next to the category that you want the post to belong to:

All Products are fully customizable with one of the many Kajabi themes to choose from. 


Products can then be attached to Offers and Sales Pages to make them available for purchase. 


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