How do I create Members with Infusionsoft Campaign Builder

Getting the Activation URL From Kajabi:

To create a member in Kajabi when an external event occurs, such as a successful payment in a 3rd party payment provider, you can accomplish this with Inbound Webhooks.

Each Offer has an "Activation URL" displayed on its edit screen.



You'll need to configure your remote system to make an HTTP POST to the Offer's Activation URL along with three required parameters:

name - The name of the member to create

email - The email address of the member to create

external_user_id - A unique identifier from your 3rd party system tied to your user. This is VERY important because, without it, it will be impossible to remotely deactivate a member since they may have changed their email address inside Kajabi. We recommend sending the user id from your 3rd party system.

Posting to the Activation URL with the three required parameters will create a member who will have access to each of the products that the offer allows and send them your site's welcome email with login credentials.


Configuring Infusionsoft Campaign Builder HTTP POST:

In Campaign Builder, add a Goal named "Purchase Online," or any other name that will prove useful for you. 

  • Double-click your newly made "Purchase online" icon, then "Specific Product Purchase," and select the product from the drop-down list.
  • Add a Sequence named "Sequence." Using "Sequence" as a name will be the easiest for navigating this process. 
  • Double click "Untitled Sequence" icon in order to create HTTP POST action that will trigger automatic user account creation.
  • Add a Timer named "Start" and a Process named "Send HTTP POST".
  • Double-click "Send HTTP POST" icon and enter configuration info needed by Kajabi. 

Refer to the info and image below for "Name/Value Pairs" setup.


Name/Value Pairs

email = ~Contact.Email~

name = ~Contact.FirstName~ ~Contact.LastName~

external_user_id = ~Contact.Id~


Infusionsoft Campaign Builder HTTP POST


The Offer Activation URL from Kajabi goes into the POST URL field at the top. 

  • Remove any default Name/Value Pairs then add Name/Value Pair fields for each name, email & external_user_id.
  • To insert a variable user info, like name and email in a field, click "Merge" and choose from the selection in the floating sidebar.
  • Click "Back to Sequence" when you're finished with this. 
  • Don't forget to flip the Ready switch top-right before clicking "Back to Campaign."
  • Finally, click Publish and you're all set!
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