What is the difference between index and store?

Index pages and Store pages are common choices to set as your Homepage for your site. A Store page is used solely to showcase Offers that are currently available. An Index page can be more highly customizable, with the ability to include Sales Page thumbnails, blog information, images, and more!



Index Page

In most of our themes, Index pages can only be used if they are created by you. Click here to learn how to upload your custom homepage into your theme. If you are using the Premier Site Theme, you can customize our pre-built Index page within the Theme Editor.

  • To reach this area of the site, click on your Website tab and navigate to the Theme Editor.



  • Make sure the drop-down menu in the upper right-hand corner is displaying the Index:



If so, you are all set to begin customizing your new Homepage. 

  • Lastly, to set the Index Page as your Homepage, go to your Settings Tab and select "Show The Theme Index"


 Store Page

  • To edit your Store page, just choose it from the same drop-down menu in the Theme Editor.
  • To set it as your Homepage, navigate to the Settings tab and select the Store page from the same drop-down menu.
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