Member Subscription Cancellation

Note: First, you'll want to enable this from your dashboard. In the main dashboard select "settings", then scroll down to "Subscription Cancellations" and turn that on, then select save.

If a member of yours contacts you and wants to cancel their subscription, they can accomplish this themselves within the settings of their dashboard. 

  • When the member clicks on Settings, they'll be able to access the Credit Card Info tab. 


  • Once in the Credit Card Info tab, they'll be prompted with two options.
  • Members will have the option to Remove Card & Cancel All Subscriptions or Cancel a single subscription.


  • Once in the Credit Card Info tab, they'll be prompted with two choices.
  • The two options will be to either Remove Card & Cancel All Subscriptions or Cancel a single subscription.  


  • When they click 'Remove my card & cancel all my subscriptions' they'll be asked to confirm their choice. 
  • This choice will cancel ALL subscriptions on your site, and remove access to all products within those subscriptions. 


  • Once here, they can cancel a single subscription, or they can remove their card and cancel their subscriptions. 
  • If they want to cancel a single subscription, they can do so by clicking the blue box. 


  • Once they click on Cancel a Subscription, they will be prompted with a 'No take me back' or 'Cancel this subscription.' 

Members will continue to have access to their product(s) up until their next scheduled billing date.

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