How can my non-subscribed Members subscribe? How do I automatically Opt-in new Members?

The first and most important step to receiving subscribers is to set your Checkout Page Optin Settings.

  • Go to your Settings Tab:


  • Scroll down to the Checkout Page Opt-in section and select either Optional or Automatic:


This will ensure that all new members either have the option to subscribe or are automatically added. Now that that is taken care of, you'll want all of your non-subscribed members opted-in. If you change your settings to Automatic, then the next time they fill out a form or purchase an offer, they will automatically be opted-in. 

How do I reach them if they aren't subscribed? 

A Pro Tip we like to recommend is to either send a link to an Opt-in Landing Page or instructions on how to change their Marketing Optin Preferences included with your next Product Announcement. Announcements are not considered Marketing Emails and will go out to all members who own a specific product regardless of if they are opted-in. However, this tool is made for Product Updates and cannot be used to send Marketing Emails. Kajabi tracks the number of Announcements sent from every account and will contact you if we suspect spam being sent to reach all unsubscribed members.

  • To send a Product Announcement, go to your Products tab and click Announcements:



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