How do I send assessment results to a external 3rd party?

You can send assessment results to an external source like Google Sheets using Zapier.  If you're unfamiliar with Zapier click here for an overview.  


  • Create a free Zapier account then click on:



Setting Up the Trigger

  • Choose Kajabi as your trigger app:


  • Choose Assessment Completed as your Trigger. Click Edit_Step_-_Zapier.png
  • Choose your Kajabi Account.
  • Then choose the your Site and Assessment.
  • Click on Fetch & Continue.



Setting up the Action


In this example, we'll be sending the Member Name, Email, and Test Grade to a Google Sheet document named Assessments Results. 

  • Click on Edit_Step_-_Zapier.png
  • Click Create Spreadsheet Row. Click Edit_Step_-_Zapier.png
  • Connect to your Google Account.
  • Choose the Spreadsheet and Worksheet along with the data to be submitted then clickEdit_Step_-_Zapier.png :


  • Click Edit_Step_-_Zapier.png then go view your spreadsheet to see the results!
  • Finally, give your Zap a name then Turn it On:



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