Firstly, from your dashboard, on the left-hand side select Email Marketing

Once in there, select Email Broadcasts and on the upper right-hand corner select "+New Email Broadcast":



The following page will take you to your Email Marketing Settings if this is your first time setting up. 

Note: The time to set at the bottom is for Email Sequences, NOT Email Broadcasts.

After you click Save, you'll be taken back to setting up your New Email Broadcast and will be asked to give it an internal title. NOTE: this is only visible to you.

After you give the broadcast your internal title, click Save & Continue:

The next step will have you set up your Broadcast Filter. For this example, I filtered by "is a member" and selected "yes". After the filter is set, select Save & Continue:

On step two, you will be prompted to create a subject for the email subject line, and underneath will fill out the body of the content you want to send.

  • After that is done, select Save & Continue: