Premier Product Theme Overview

With the Premier product builder, you can create beautiful products the way that you want them. Follow this guide for a complete overview of the Premier Product theme!


How to install:

  • To install the Premier product theme, click the Products tab, then select the product. 
  • Next, click the Appearance tab for the product: 

  • Click "Pick theme" at the top right, then select the Premier Theme.
  • Once the theme is installed, click the Customize button on the right:


Theme editor:

Just like most other themes in Kajabi the Premier Theme editor will have theme settings on the left, and a preview window on the right. One very important element is the page selector in the top right corner. This allows you to choose which page to customize.


One great addition to the Premier product theme is the Sections and Settings tab. In prior themes, appearance and general settings were in the same tab, making it difficult to find certain elements to edit. 

Now, appearance settings can be found in the "Sections" tab, and general settings such as favicon and typography etc., are located in the "Settings" tab:


Sections and Blocks

The elements in the Premier product theme will fall into two categories; Sections and Blocks. 

Sections are listed on the appearance settings menu on the left:

  • Sections are made of blocks. To edit a block select it's containing section:



  • Just like other Premier themes, click and drag the two horizontal lines to rearrange blocks:


  • Add new blocks by clicking the "Add Content" button at the bottom:

To delete a block, first select the block in the section, the click "Delete this block" at the bottom:


Tip: Each Premier Product section has it's individual blocks that can be added. Feel free to explore the blocks for each section, never know what you might find!

Page selector:

The page selector is your best friend. This drop-down menu allows you to customize each page of your product theme. Once you select a page, it will instantly display in the preview window on the right, and its sections and blocks will be displayed in the menu on the left.

Premier Product Features:

Course Progress

The course progress feature will keep your students up-to-date with their progress through our course. it will indicate how much of the course was complete, and how much they have left to go. 

The course progress is displayed numerically and with a progress bar. 

Tip: The progress bar can be customized with the accent color.

Start Button

Premier Product is equipped with a helpful start button. This makes it convenient for your members to pick up from where they left off.