Premier Site Theme Overview

The latest addition to the Premier page builder suite is Premier Site. This awesome theme allows you to customize each page of your site with the ultimate customization and ease of the Premier page builder. 

  • To install the Premier site theme, click the Website tab from your Admin Dashboard
  • Click "Pick theme" at the top right, then select the Premier Theme:

  • Once the theme is installed, click the Customize button to the right of the theme:


  • When you are ready to make your theme live, click the activate button in the theme settings:

Theme editor:

Just like most other themes in Kajabi, the Premier Theme editor will have theme settings on the left, and a preview window on the right. One very important element is the page selector in the top right corner. This allows you to choose which page to customize.


One great addition to the Premier product theme is the sections and settings tab. In prior themes, appearance and general settings were in the same tab, making it difficult to find certain elements to edit. 

Now, appearance settings can be found in the "Sections" tab, and general settings such as favicon and typography etc., are located in the "Settings" tab:



Sections and Blocks:

The elements in the Premier product theme will fall into two categories, Sections and Blocks. 

Sections are listed on the appearance settings menu on the left:


  • Sections are made of blocks. To edit a block select it's containing section:



  • Just like other Premier themes, click and drag the two horizontal line to rearrange blocks: 


  • Add new blocks by clicking the "Add Content" button at the bottom:


  • To delete a block, first select the block in the section, then click "Delete This Block" at the bottom:


Tip: Each section has it's individual blocks that can be added. Feel free to explore the blocks for each section, never know what you might find!

Page Selector:

The page selector is your best friend. This drop-down menu allows you to customize each page of your product theme. Once you select a page, it will instantly display in the preview window on the right, and its sections and blocks will be displayed in the menu on the left.



Premier Site Feature List:

Blog Posts

House up to 6 of your latest blog posts directly on your custom page. This will automatically pull from the latest articles you've published, but you can choose to either show the publish date or not. 

Countdown Timer

There's nothing like creating a sense of urgency with a customizable countdown timer! 

Call to Action

While we do offer a dedicated CTA section, you can actually place Call to Action buttons on many of the Premier sections. 

Custom Content

This feature is exactly how it sounds, as you can add blocks, but you can also add custom code directly within this section! Cue the endless possibilities!


Have some special features you'd like to share with your customers? Well, our Features section is absolutely perfect for that!


Regardless of what you use it for, you can add a heading section in any area you like by simply dragging and dropping it between sections. Each heading is the length of the page and has a colored bar below the text. 


Yes, there is a hero in all of us. Luckily, Premier has a hero too! Our hero section can house a background image, as well as a background video that allows for multiple CTA buttons! I've officially found my hero.


This is exactly what it sounds like. You can have an image with a heading and subheading listed above. 

Image Gallery

If you'd like to have more than one image in a single section, then our gallery may be a perfect fit for your page. You'll be able to add as many images as you'd like for your tiled gallery. All images will upload in their native aspect ratio. 

Link Lists

Whether you want to utilize a link list as a header, footer, or a friendly reminder of an offer, you can now place link lists anywhere on your page with our amazing drag & drop feature in Premier. 

Logo List

Have you been featured in media or publications? Do you have a list of affiliate sites you'd like to show? Well, our logo list will allow you to upload logos and create links out of all of them!

Opt-in Form

What better way to collect customer information than an opt-in form? You can add as many as you'd like in Premier!


Sales Pages

Add sales pages that lead customers directly to checkout or anywhere you want in Premier. You can choose to add them one at a time or multiple in the same section.


If you have something particularly special, or perhaps not, that you'd like to share with your audience, then our showcase section is perfect for that! You'll have the option to add an image, a CTA button, a heading, and text.  


Maybe you have multiple images that you'd rather not tile on your site. Well, with our slideshow, you can upload multiple images and they will slide horizontally in a beautiful and fluid fashion. You can also create links out of all of the images!

Social Cards

Never before has it been easier to add your social media buttons directly to a page. All you have to do is upload your information in our social section, and you'll be able to drive traffic directly to your social empire!


With spacers, you can create a buffer zone between sections consisting of any color or size you'd like. There really is no limit to the size of the spacer you'd like to create, but don't get too crazy with it. 


Share your amazing feedback with the world by adding as many testimonials as you'd like!


The text section is exactly what it sounds like, an area of text where you can place your copy, along with a heading and subheading. 

Text and Image

You can combine our text section and image section together with the 'Text & Image' feature! The cool thing is that you can decide which side you want the image to be shown on, allowing for you to build cascading sections for site balance. 


Upload a video directly to Kajabi, then drag it to wherever you'd like on your Premier page!

Video Embed

Perhaps you host your videos on an external platform and would like to simply embed them on your page. Well, not only can you embed them, but you can also place them anywhere!

Exit Popup

Capture your audience's attention when they want to leave your page with Premier's exit popup! Not only can you show it upon intent to leave your page, but you can also time it to pop up during a page session!

Two-step Opt-in

Harness the power of a two-step opt-in, which many members have been asking for, from directly within your Premier dashboard. This isn't in the section list, but both Exit Popup and Two-step Opt-ins are available in the bottom left of your Premier page editor.


Blog Post Body:


Collect optins directly from the body section of your blog posts. This optin blog looks great and can be added directly you the body section of your blog. 

Call to Action

Redirect your blog visitors to a sales page, or add a free pdf for them to download. Both of these can be done with the CTA block. This beautiful CTA block will fit right within the body section of the blog. 

Blog Sidebar:


This new feature enhancement allows you to add one or multiple authors for a blog post. Each instructor block is created separately, so you the freedom to add several different authors.


Sidebar Optin

The sidebar optin is a featured CTA button and text that lives in the sidebar. This button can redirect your blog visitors to a sales page, an optin form, download a file, and more...



Pique your site visitors interest by adding your blog categories to the sidebar. Categories are first added to the blog post, then Kajabi will automatically populate them in this block. 

Recent Posts

Kepp your visitors updated with the recent posts block. This block is customizable by renaming the headline or adding the date and tags. 

Social Links

Social links block allows you to promote you social website right from within your blog. First, add the URL for the social site, then they will be displayed ad icons within the sidebar. 


Premier Site Tips:

Recommended Courses

Show your members what they are missing with this snazzy block. This feature allows you to showcase your featured product to your members from their library page. The "Add course" button redirects them directly to the sales page. 


The announcement block allows you to deliver a mass message to anyone who visits your site. This block is basically an action button that spans across the page. Use it to redirect your site visitors or to download a file.