How do I export my landing page to another Kajabi site?

  • From your Dashboard select Landing Pages and once in there, click the 3 dots next to the Landing Page(s) you want to Export and select Export:

  • Whoever is Logged In when selecting Export will receive a email with the Exported Theme (please note this email may end up in spam if you don't see it in your inbox).
  • When you get the email, click on the URL that's in the email to download the file. Once it's done, save the file (.Zip) on your desktop.
  • Once the file is saved, go to the website where you want the Landing Page Uploaded
  • On the new site, select Landing Page from the Dashboard and on top select Upload Theme:

  • After dragging the file from your desktop to the Upload Section, you'll be all set and will see the Uploaded Theme along your other Landing Pages.
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