Import/Export website theme

Follow this guide to learn how to export your website theme. You can export a theme for backup purposes or to use on another Kajabi site. 

  • From your Dashboard select Website and once in there click on Appearance:

  • Next, scroll down to the theme you want to export
  • Click Kajabi.pngby your theme and choose Export


  • Whoever is logged in when selecting Export will receive an email with the Exported Theme(please note this email may end up in spam if you don't see it in your inbox).
  • When you get the email, click on the URL that's in the email to download the file. Once it's done, save the file (.Zip) on your desktop.
  • Once the file is saved, go to the website where you want the Theme Uploaded
  • On the new site, select Website from the Dashboard, then Appearance
  • On top select Upload Theme:


  • After dragging the file from your desktop to the Upload Section, you'll be all set and will see the Uploaded Theme in Appearance.
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