How do I access live chat? Do you have phone support or live chat?

Note: Live Chat hours are 24/7

We don't offer phone support as we find it's much better (and faster!) to answer your questions over email and live chat. Plus, we always want you to have a record of what we discuss and it's hard to do that accurately with a phone call.

  • The easiest way is to access live chat is by going to the Kajabi Assistant. You can also press (⌘+k for Mac) or (ctrl + k for PC) to access the Kajabi Assistant:




  • To initiate a live chat, just click help from your dashboard:

  • Start by searching the topic of your question in the field provided to see if we have already answered your question:

  • If we have the answer to your question in our Help Center, we will open that article in a new tab for you. If you do not find our answer, feel free to reach out to our Hero Coaches for help by clicking Contact Us:


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