When will my members have access to drip content?

  • We made an awesome change to Drip! Now, ALL your Members who signed up on the same day (regardless of time) will have access to Drip Content at the same time!
  • For example, with a Drip Time configured to 10:00AMPST, if I'm a Member that signed up today anywhere between 12:00AMPST-11:59PMPST, I will have access to all Drip Content that's Dripped 1 day out tomorrow at 10:00AMPST.
  • To access this, from your Dashboard select Settings, then scroll down to Drip Settings:

  • Once in, select the time you want your Drip Product Categories available.
  • There's also a checkbox underneath. If checked, it will send an Email Notification to your Members as well. If unchecked, they won't receive an Email Notification, but they'll still have access at the designated time.
  • Make sure to click Save and you'll be all set.
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