Can companies buy an offer for their employees?

Do you have a company with hundreds of employees that you want to sell your offer to? If so, you're in luck!

  • First, you'll want to create a backend Offer. This is an Offer you create, but don't attach to a Sales Page.
    • To do this, from your Dashboard, select Sales, then select Offers. Then, on the top right, click +Add New Offer.
  • When creating this offer, make sure to attach the Product(s) you want to be associated with it and make sure to charge accordingly.
  • Once you create the Offer, click on the Offer Details tab and see the Checkout URL at the top.
  • Copy the URL given and send it to the person you're in contact with at the company that's purchasing.
  • Once that person purchases, ask them for a CSV of the employees that need access to the Product. This CSV should only contain the employee's name,email (in this format).
  • Once you receive the CSV, from your dashboard select people and on the top right select +New Member.
  • Scroll down to Multi Member and paste the CSV. Once pasted, click the dropdown under Offer and select the offer you wish to grant them, then scroll down to save.
  • Each Member you imported will receive an email containing their login credentials along with a link to login (this email may appear in their spam folder).
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