How do I enable an audio player with the Premier product theme?

Do you have an mp3 file that's in one of your posts, but the audio player isn't displaying in your Premier Product theme? In this article, we will walk you through on how to add an audio player.

  • After clicking the edit pencil next to the product, select Appearance then click Customize next to the Premier product theme:

  • Once in, on the top-right, click the drop down and select Post. Once that loads, on the left sidebar, select Post Body:

  • Next, select Add Content:

  • After selecting Add Content, choose Post Audio Player:

  • After selecting Post Audio Player, on the top-right, click Save and the player will be added for you as long as the audio file is .mp3:

Note: You must upload your audio file as an .mp3 file. If you upload it as an MP3 (capitalized), the audio player will not render. 

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