What are the most common custom domain issues?

If you're having trouble with importing a custom domain into Kajabi, you may be experiencing one or more these common issues.

1. CNAME record is not set to "endpoint"

It is common for people to replace "endpoint" with a different domain. However, this setting is incorrect

Add your CNAME record as follows:
Name: www
Domain: endpoint.mykajabi.com

Be sure to actually put "endpoint.mykajabi.com"

2. Domain won't work without WWW

A freshly installed custom domain will only work if you include WWW.

For example www.example.com

Adding page rules will resolve this. Learn more here.

3. Nameservers are not pointing to CloudFlare

If your domain isn't showing as active in CloudFlare, it's most likely that your nameservers need to be changed over to the ones that CloudFlare provides you. 

To learn how to change nameservers click here.

4. SSL is not set to FULL

Click on the Crypto settings from the top menu. In the first section labeled "SSL" you'll want to select "Full" from the drop-down menu.

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